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Imperio Argentina

Died when: 96 years 239 days
Star Sign: Capricorn


Imperio Argentina María Magdalena Nile del Río (26 December 1910 – 22 August 2003) was an Argentine professional singer and movie actress, better known as Imperio Argentina; she became a citizen of Spain in 1999. María Magdalena Nile del Río was born to Antonio Nile (a guitar player, born in Gibraltar) and Rosario del Río (a native of Monda in the Province of Málaga). She performed onstage in her native Argentina, where she had a long and successful career. At that time, her stage name was Pettit Imperio. But her most successful moments came after she moved to Spain. It was there that she changed her name to Imperio Argentina, as a way to honor her "other country". While in Spain, del Río participated in many movies, and she participated frequently in television and radio. She obtained Spanish citizenship in 1999.
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