Which famous people have you outlived?

Frank Costello

Died when: 82 years 23 days
Star Sign: Aquarius


Frank Costello Frank "the Prime Minister" Costello (Italian: [koˈstɛllo]; born Francesco Castiglia [franˈtʃesko kaˈstiʎʎa]; January 26, 1891 – February 18, 1973) was an Italian-American Mafia gangster and crime boss. Costello rose to the top of American organized crime, controlled a vast gambling empire, and enjoyed political influence. Nicknamed "The Prime Minister of the Underworld," he became one of the most powerful and influential mafia bosses in American history, eventually leading the Luciano crime family (later called the Genovese crime family), one of the Five Families that operate in New York City.
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