Which famous people have you outlived?

Erwin Vierow

Died when: 91 years 262 days
Star Sign: Taurus


Erwin Vierow General Erwin Vierow (15 May 1890 – 1 February 1982) was a general in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany during World War II. Between the wars he served on the General Staff of the Reichswehr and in the infantry and by the outbreak of World War II he had reached the rank of Generalmajor in the Wehrmacht. In August 1940 was appointed as commander of the 9th Infantry Division. Serving on the Eastern Front as commander of 55th Army Corps he became the military commandant of the city of Kharkov upon its capture on 24 October 1941. He was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on November 15, 1941. On 1 July 1943 he was appointed commander of the army in northwest France, covering the regions of Laon, Orléans and Rouen and held this command until September 1944 when he was appointed chief of the ad hoc ‘General Command Somme’. He held this post until he surrendered to the British forces.
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