Which famous people have you outlived?

Rachel Bodley

Died when: 56 years 191 days
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Rachel Bodley Rachel Littler Bodley (December 7, 1831 – June 15, 1888) was an American professor, botanist, and university leader. She was best known for her term as Dean of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (1874–1888). She helped found the American Chemical Society in New York City. Bodley's main contribution to botany was Catalogue of Plants Contained in Herbarium of Joseph Clark, a report on an herbarium she personally organized and catalogued. She taught various subjects, primarily chemistry and medicine, the latter of which she developed toward a more science-focused method of study. Through her work The College Story, she compiled the first survey of the lives and successful careers of female medical students after graduating from medical college. She received numerous honors and maintained membership in many professional societies during her career.
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