Which famous people have you outlived?

Raffaele Fiorini

Died when: 70 years 95 days
Star Sign: Cancer


Raffaele Fiorini Raffaele Fiorini (15 July 1828 – 18 October 1898), was an influential Italian violin maker. Innovator, personality and pioneer of the great rebirth of contemporary Bolognese violinmaking, Fiorini was born at Musiano di Pian di Macina di Pianoro near Bologna.He spent his early years in Bazzano, where he learned the first elements of the craft while working with his father at the 'Mulino della Sega'.A famous violin player and teacher, Professor Verardi, induced him to start the 'Bolognese adventure' and to open a workshop in the Palazzo Pepoli, not far from the Liceo Musicale, in Bologna downtown.Fiorini quickly achieved a reputation in his new environment and was able to attract apprentices of great talent, including his son Giuseppe.Raffaele won a silver medal with praise during the International Music Exhibit of Arezzo in 1882, and a silver medal during the Torino Exhibition in 1884; he received also great acclaim for his restoration work.
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