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Raghavan Thirumulpad

Died when: 90 years 185 days
Star Sign: Taurus


Raghavan Thirumulpad Vaidyabhooshanam K. Raghavan Thirumulpad (20 May 1920 – 21 November 2010) was an Ayurvedic scholar and physician. Thirumulpad studied Sanskrit, Tharkam (Indian philosophy), Jyothisham (Indian astrology) and Vyakarana (grammar) under various teachers. Later he studied Ayurveda under Shri. P. Vasudevan Nambisan and passed the graduation exam called Vaidyabhooshanam. From a very young age he was attracted by Gandhian thought and living and started using and propagating Khadi (the hand-woven cotton fabric which once symbolised Indian nationalism). Raghavan Thirumulpad was very much influenced by Ruskin's essay, Unto This Last, and tried to implement its ethos in his day-to-day practice of medicine. This was a shift in the trend of ayurvedic practice that prevailed all over India in that time. He gave more stress to life-style modifications in his treatment and the least importance was given to medicine. Maximum stress was laid on the importance of physical exercise in the prevention of diseases. He promoted a style highlighting wholesome food, sound sleep, moderated sex and optimal exercise as the four pillars on which a healthy life is built. Thirumulpad taught a number of young ayurvedic graduates to practise ayurveda in a more logical scientific but simple style. He resided during his lifetime at Chalakudy. V.K.R.T. Foundation, consisting of his students, celebrated his 90th birthday on 23 May 2010, at Chalakudy as "Navathi Pranamam". Many important personalities, including Dr. Rajan Gurukkal, V.C., M.G. University, Dr. K.G. Poulose, V.C. Kerala Kalamandalam, Dr. C. Ratnakaran, Pro. V.C. Kerala University of Health, participated. The release of nine of his books was the highlight of the occasion. On 25 January 2011, the Ayruveda Acharyan was awarded Padma Bhushan posthumously, two months after his death. Chalakudy Municipality commemorated the second year of his demise with a meeting at the Merchants Association hall, Chalakudy, Kerala, India on 21 November 2012. A special award was given to Dr. M. Prasad, for his selfless contributions for propagating the ideologies of K. Raghavan Thirumulpad.
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