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Raimondo D'Inzeo

Died when: 88 years 286 days
Star Sign: Aquarius


Raimondo D'Inzeo Raimondo D'Inzeo (8 February 1925 – 15 November 2013) was an Italian show jumping rider, an Olympic champion and double world champion. Together with his elder brother Piero D'Inzeo, he was the first athlete to compete in eight consecutive Olympic games, in 1948–1976. At the Rome Olympics in 1960 Raimondo won the gold medal and Piero won the silver in show jumping. Being an officer in the Carabinieri Cavalry Regiment D'Inzeo always wore a uniform when competing in tournaments. Against the irritable and aggressive temperament of Raimondo, Piero was more technical and calculating.
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