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Raina Fehl

Died when: 88 years 253 days
Star Sign: Virgo


Raina Fehl Raina Fehl (August 23, 1920 — May 3, 2009) was an Austrian-born American classicist, writer and editor. She immigrated to the United States, 1939. United States citizen since 1944. U.S. Army Service 1945-1946, Psychiatric Social Worker, U.S. War Department, Research Analyst, Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, 1946-1947. Married Philipp Fehl December 11, 1945. Mother of two daughters, Katharine, "", and . She died May 3, 2009, in Appleton, Wisconsin She is buried near family at The Eternal Home Cemetery,Block 1540, Row A, Space 6, Colma California. Her delightful smile, her beauty, her knowledge were extraordinary and memorable. She was admirable in so many ways, not the least of which was "the way she sacrificed so much of her own time and talent to further [her husband's] work, both while he was alive, and after his death: she was an absolute model of devotion. But of course her greatest quality was her own personality, her probity and honesty, and her capacity for loyal friendship." Jennifer Montagu, Chair, Gombrich Archive, Warburg Institute. Her joy in learning is epitomized in the story told by her colleague, Paul Olson, who fondly remembers her driving him to work with a Greek dictionary on the steering wheel. , Professor Emeritus Department of English, University of Nebraska. She and her work are discussed in the comic-philosophical novel by (2009, privately published).
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